5 Reasons To Hire an Entertainment Lawyer

Many talented singers, actors and musicians are always on the lookout for their one big break that will launch their career into the stratosphere. While they’re busy looking up at the stars, they may not realize how much they need to worry about the business side of their blossoming career. John Branca, entertainment lawyer to dozens of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians, advises anyone seeking work in the industry to consider hiring an entertainment lawyer for these five reasons.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Working in the performing arts means that what you create is typically not a tangible thing like a painting or sculpture, but rather intellectual property like music or a script that’s easy for someone else to plagiarize. Attorney John Branca advises clients to be at the ready with a competent lawyer who can navigate claims against other artists who borrow material without proper attribution or licensing.

Negotiating Contracts

Contract law is a significant part of any performer’s career as each new job often requires a new contract. Entertainment lawyers can help you get the best terms and compensation by drawing on their experience with other seasoned performers. It will always be your call whether to sign, but an experienced attorney can help you determine whether you’re getting the best deal.

Handling Litigation

Even the most conscientious person can get caught up in litigation over legal troubles like a breach of contract or plagiarism claims. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side in such situations is vital to defend your work and even your good name.

Interpreting Legal Documents

Real estate and other property transactions are a normal part of doing business. However, for a layperson who isn’t used to legal jargon involved in the paperwork, it makes the process confusing. In addition, you may be served with legal papers or asked to sign documents you don’t fully understand, so you’ll need a competent attorney to translate the legalese.

Preparing Business Agreements

For many artists, setting out on a world tour is the ultimate dream. However, the reality of such an undertaking involves booking venues, hiring a road crew or additional performers, acquiring the proper gear, drafting a tour rider and other details that require reams of legal paperwork to accomplish. There’s no way to navigate it all without professional expertise, which is exactly what an entertainment attorney provides.

Being successful in show business will always be about talent, grit, and the willingness to try again after every rejection. One part of that formula that simply cannot be overlooked, however, is hiring a competent entertainment lawyer.

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