Interesting facts about Saxophone

Planning to take saxophone lessons? Here are a few interesting facts which can help you understand the instrument better.

  1. Saxophone has a unique History

Saxophones were invented by an instrument designer known as Adolphe Sax, from there the instrument gotits name that is Saxophone. Sax was born in Belgium, 1814. He was trained in playing various wind instruments, that’s where he got the inspiration to invent a woodwind. His invention was patented in Paris.

  1. Saxophone comes in all shapes and sizes

It comes in a variety of sizes. The Contrabass is the biggest one with a whooping height of 6feet and 4inches, and the smallest is the Soprillo, which is just 12 inches long. Saxophone truly is an instrument for all.

  1. Saxophones were underrated

When saxophones were first invented, nobody gave much importance to it because at that time the clarinet was much more popular. Therefore, a lot of musicians denied using the saxophone, until music composer Hector Berlioz created the famous sax piece Chant Sacre in the 1860’s. It just took a famous personality to create the sax which bought it in style.

  1. Saxophones aren’t that old

Saxophone was invented in 1846, which makes it less than 200 years old. Other instruments were invented much before the saxophone, making the saxophone the youngest one in a wide range of musical instruments.

  1. Saxophones comes in a variety of types

There are eight types of saxophones in the sax family. Sopranino and Soprano Sax are the high pitch saxophones, where as Alto and Tenor are moderately middle toned saxophones. Baritone, Bass, Contrabass and Sub-contrabass are the low pitch saxophones.

  1. Only 4 types of saxophones are commonly used

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass saxophones are the only type of saxophones which are widely used now a days.

  1. Saxophones are not just made of brass

Initially saxophones were only made of brass, but now some models are partially, or sometimes even entirely, made of other metals like bronze, copper, or sterling silver. In fact, a few models of plastic saxophones have also been produced.

  1. Saxophones is the only brass woodwind

Typically, saxophones are constructed of brass but it is still considered to be a member of woodwind family because of the way it produces sound. The player creates an airtight seal over the mouthpiece, vibrating a single reed, hence generating sound. On the contrary, brass instruments are played by players buzzing their lips on the rim of the mouthpiece. That’s why saxophones are considered to be a woodwind instrument.

Saxophone sure is an interesting instrument, with a lot of versatility, today it is used for not only jazz music but also symphonic music. And there’s no doubt about how charming the sound of saxophone is, so if you want to add an interesting element to your personality and to your music, you should definitely sign up for saxophones lessons.

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