5 Tips to plan the best tent wedding: What you need to know?

Have you been planning to host a wedding or plan your own wedding? There is nothing as romantic as planning a wedding under the tent. Tents make all those dreams of a beach wedding, vacation wedding, or any outdoor wedding true! You can plan and host so much under the tent that everything seems picture perfect on the special day.


Wedding is a onetime investment and event in life. Thus, a tent wedding is a perfect idea to make it memorable. You can plan many activities under one roof! Just understand few things while making the to-do list so that you know you don’t miss out on anything while renting the tent. For instance, 40×40 tent is the most talked tent for wedding and personal ceremonies.


5 Tips to plan the best tent wedding: What you need to know?


1.      Plan a budget for renting the tent:


You must have a budget to rent the tent as you cannot spend all your savings of the wedding just on the tent. Having a budget will help you research the relevant models and select the most suitable one for the special event.


2.      Research the relevant models:


Research all the selected models. Know about their company too. You must know the credibility of the company from whom you are renting the tent. Budget and research go in parallel. Having a budget will allow you to research the best tent within your limits.


3.      Decide the location to install the tent:


The selection of the tent also depends on the location you are planning to host the wedding. The charges, availability, and variety of the tent may vary as per the location. Select a location before you research about them.


4.      Get the confirmed reservations of guests:


It is essential that you have the confirmed list of guests for the wedding. This will help you to decide what size of the tent you should rent. You must contact all the guests and seek confirmation of their presence in advance.


5.      Check the weather conditions:


Check the weather conditions of the location chosen for the wedding. You must know whether the location is prone to rainfall. If yes, select a tent that is waterproof and can take care of the décor, guests, and of course the bride and groom.


Other than the above essential considerations, you would definitely have your own to-do list too for the wedding.

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