Types of Boats

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Great! The magnificent sky-touching buildings, ultra-modern shopping malls, traditional Arabian Souks, pleasant beaches and world-famous restaurants will no doubt give you the most beautiful memories to cherish forever. But do not forget to admire the beauty of the sky-scraper city from its coastline. Rest assured! That will take your Dubai journey to a whole new level. From luxury yachts and passenger boats to small fishing dhows, you can explore the emerald waters of the Arabian Peninsula in different types of boats.

Boat Tour in Dubai: An Overview!

Once you plan to go for a boat tour in the Emirati city, you need to choose from the several options available. Indeed you can buy or rent a boat, or you can reach out to the companies offering boat tours. Here are some categories of boats; you can avail of during your trip:

  • Self-drive Boats: If you select self-drive boats, you won’t require a boat driving license. Similar to the jet skis and speed boats in terms of speed and design, these 2-seater boats offer the passengers a remarkable boating experience. Don’t wait and book your ride for sight-seeking iconic tourist destinations like Dubai Marina, Atlantis, Burj-Al-Arab and Logo Island.
  • Passenger Boats: The boat-touring companies offer the passengers boat rides in these cruises or yachts. You can visit the famous tourist spots along the Dubai coast in these passenger boats that accommodate approximately 10 to 100 tourists. However, these boats are slower in comparison to self-drive boats. Rest assured! They are the best option to seek if you wish to savour the scenic beauty of Dubai waters on a low budget.
  • Yachts: If you have no budget constraints and want to experience the boat trip to the fullest, nothing can be better than a ride in a luxury yacht. These yachts generally accommodate 20 to 200 passengers, and you can arrange large group dinners and other entertaining activities like fishing and boating. You can also book these boats for various events. Operating from Dubai Creek, these yachts are a perfect option for short trips and sightseeing.

Boat Trips in Dubai: Best places to visit!

The following are some of the best places to visit in Dubai on a boat:

  • Dubai Coastline: Often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, the Dubai coastline consists of archipelagos taking the shape of a palm tree and the world. Indeed it creates the most mesmerising view with the beautiful skyline at the backdrop alongside the tallest hotels situated close to the coast.
  • Dubai Marina: Situated near the base of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina is a residential district with tall buildings and top-notch restaurants. Also, it is surrounded by a wide water channel with several docks and vessels.
  • Dubai Creek: Stretching from the Arabian Gulf to Ras-Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, the Dubai Creek is a 14 kilometres long artificial tunnel. But unlike Dubai Marina, you will find traditional fishing dhows here instead of yachts.


Boating in Dubai requires you to follow the rules and guidelines set out by the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) for safety purposes. Gather complete knowledge about the same and enjoy your boat ride thoroughly in the city of the Emirate.

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