What is Painting with a Twist?

Painting with a Twist is the largest company that organizes painting with a sip party.  It offers a live painting accompanied by wine and cocktails. Painting with a Twist Denver is mostly described as an Art Party.

Is It a Fun Art or Fine Art?

96% of the participants say that it is a fun art and not fine art. Most of the people interested in this art party,  feel positives and their minds become tension free. The most notable thing is that about 90% of the guests are ladies between the ages of 19-55. The main aim of all the guests who visit here is not to become an artist but just to have only fun.

Key Components for the success of Painting with a Twist

The following points are the main key to success in this venture.

Pleasant Atmosphere

Every nook and corner setup here will bring warmth and joy to the minds of those who come to participate in it. This will give a positive attitude to the visitors and lure them to visit again and again.

Communicating Opportunity

Guests can even become very good friends and make a strong bond with artists and make new friends.


Every guest who visits draws something and exhibits their creativity which adds more colors to Paint with a Twist.


Their aim is to leave the guests freely and allow them to roam in their own private environment.

Kids Events

The main success of Paint With a Twist is the wholehearted participation of the kids from the age of 5 to 15. They conduct many events and competitions for the kids. This will boost the participation of many children and help them to nurture their creativity.

How does it Work?

They maintain a calendar that displays the particular paintings that they will teach, including their time and date. An instructor also provides and guides you to complete the given painting. This class is accompanied by drinks and snacks as per your liking.

Final Words

Painting with a Twist is fun, helps to mingle with the public, and also engages with social outing by enjoying wine and art. This is a good platform for those who love to socialize and they can sell their experiences with guests and local artists. It is also a good opportunity to show their skills in painting and helps them to add more colors to their memories.   

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