Working With Corporate Event Planners: Things That Matter!

Corporate events are often complex and hard to manage, and it is not surprising that most businesses prefer to hire professionals for the job. A business event is not just about the agenda at hand – It has a lot to do with branding and representation, and since a considerable amount of money is involved, it makes no sense to take risks. Working with meeting and event planning company may seem like a necessity, but not all services are same. In this post, we are sharing more on the aspects that clients need to take note of.

Start with requirements

Business events are now being conducted online, while regular events are still common and often necessary. There are also hybrid events, which includes regular guests, with online attendees. Virtual events may seem easy on paper, considering available technology, but effective execution can be convoluted. It is best to define the objective of your corporate event, so that planners can create the right outline.

Seek a proposal, but think beyond price

You need to know if a planner can do it all. Do they have the experience of handling hybrid and virtual corporate events? How many clients do they have? How many of these clients are regular? Do they offer a clear strategy for planning the event? Getting a proposal from the event planners is the best way to decide on the budget, but don’t let the price cloud your judgment.

Find what they do, what they outsource

Clients are often in shock to know that many planners outsource most of the work to vendors and have little control on relevant aspects of the corporate event. Don’t let that happen, because you are hiring a service for managing work in-house. Figure out if they have a team in place, who is going to handle things like promotions and registrations, and whether they have a plan for incident management, handling technical failures and so on. Technical expertise and knowhow matter for virtual events, which are becoming a norm for many industries, more so as businesses are going global and don’t have the scope for standard conferences anymore.

When it comes to corporate event planning, get a service that understands and values your goals and can align its expertise for the needs of your brand. Every corporate event has the power to become an ultimate source of brand marketing – All that matters is how it is executed, keeping an eye on the core objectives.

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