Love Tequila? Don’t Miss The Tequila Expo In Arizona!

Let’s agree that in the world of numerous spirits, tequila stands out. It remains a cult favorite of many, and most tequila lovers would find it hard to select one brand or option. Whether you are at a club, or want to simply enjoy with your pals on a casual Saturday night, tequila fits the bill. You can now enjoy everyone’s favorite Mexican liquor at the Tequila Expo in Arizona¸ scheduled sometime this year. Owing the current pandemic, dates may shift, but updates are likely soon. Expect incredible fun on October 24th and 25th!

What to expect?

Tequila Expo intends to celebrate the love for this liquor, which has no second competition for many tequila drinkers. If you are an avid tequila lover, or don’t mind trying some of the fun agave-based liquors, you should definitely make time for the Expo. People in Arizona are known for their love for food. They simply enjoy great food, and the expo is also a great occasion to celebrate varieties of taco. Yes, at the Tequila Expo, hundreds of different tacos will be competing, so it’s not just the booze alone. You can try your favorite tequila with something like fish taco, or a classic like al pastor!

Also, you can learn more about agave spirits, how to choose your tequila, and other important aspects directly from the top brands.

An overview

More than 100 different kinds of tequilas will be there at the Tequila Expo, and that’s a huge deal for anyone in love with the drink. Expect the best of aged tequilas, especially the ones that have been stored and protected in oak barrels for years, and even the classic Mezcals. If you are a fan of Mezcal and standard tequila, you should also try Bacanoras, which will be there at the Expo. The event promises to be fun and different, and some of the top brands that will be participating include Don Julio, Patron, Herradura, and Casamigos. There will be incredible cocktails, including those made with agave, so expect nothing but the most authentic tequila experience.

Booking for Tequila Expo

You need to pay just $20 for your entry to the Tequila Expo, besides an entrance ticket for the event. You get to try 10 different premium samples, which is a great deal for the price. The Tequila Expo will happen in a massive tent, which will be open between 12 pm and 5 pm! Check online for dates and other details.

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