Choosing how to decorate your garden or backyard can be quite a daunting decision process, since there are many options available in terms of plants and décor. Quite often this choice will stem down to the climate and soil type in your immediate area. For example if you live in a costal area, or near a rainforest and so on. Traditionally many gardens around Melbourne have been focussed on European style plants, stemming from generations before them. But quite often newer homes are opting for more resilient wild grasses.

The importance of choosing native plants and grasses can be a high priority in some gardens mostly dues to their resilience, and low water requirement. To find out what might be best suited to your garden it can always be advisable to contact Melbourne Grass suppliers. Below are some popular local grass varieties you may consider in your next renovation or garden make over.


Kingsdale POA Poiformis – This grass variety has clumping blue arching foliage that is chosen in landscaping because it is great for erosion control, can be grown on sloping ground and can grow anywhere in Australia.

Pennstripe Pennisetum – This grass is a perennial which produces foxtail plumes/flowers from Summer to Autumn. It is also a clumping variety and it is suitable for a wide range of soils and climates.

Tanika Lomandra – This variety has been popular in Australian gardens for a few years. It produces small yellow flowers, and is soft to touch so its safer around kids or pets. While suitable for full sun gardens, it doesn’t like getting too wet.


Buffalo Grass – This grass is a favourite amongst Australians as it is durable and easy to grow and maintain. Some sub-varieties can cause irritation to sensitive skin but there are other types available such as Prestige, Palmetto Soft Leaf, etc.

Kikuyu Grass – This variety is another durable grass that is mostly suited to a north facing lawn which can get sun all year round. It is drought resistant, so it can thrive well in hot conditions throughout Summer, but it is at risk of yellowing if it becomes too cold.

Couch Grass – A popular lawn type due to price and durability. Its soft, grows quickly and withstands wear and tear. Negatives include the need for mowing, especially during Summer months, and it also requires fertilizer to maintain its health.

Zoysia Grass – This grass is a hardy variety that uses less water than others, and its deep root system strengthens soil, reducing risk of erosion. It looks good and has relatively low maintenance compared with the previous three, and is often used as the grass of choice on football ovals.

Synthetic Grass – Many of the above traditional grasses have problems associated with weather, need for fertilizers ( leading to allergies including Hayfever) and constant watering. The time spent and cost of mowing, weeding as well as lawn care may not be worth it for the average householder.

Best of all Synthetic grasses come in designs closely mimicking all the various styles listed above. There is very little risk of damage to soil or even the need for weeding. Plus, there is no more requirement for fertilizers, mowing or watering – saving you money on lawn care over the long term.

So depending on the look you are after and the amount of ground you need to cover an innovative synthetic alternative could be the best option, especially if you are looking to minimise ongoing effort when caring for your lawn.

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